Antifa activists invade Christian worship service in downtown Portland – Law Officer


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PORTLAND, Ore.— A large group of vile Antifa antagonists bearing shields and weapons descended on a group of evangelical Christians gathering for a waterfront prayer and worship event in downtown Portland, according to reports.

Private video recorded at the scene showed the unwelcome individuals intimidating attendees. Adults and children were seen rushing in as black-clad Antifa activists ripped up sound equipment and assaulted victims with pepper spray and projectiles, Post Millennial reported.

The public worship service featured Canadian preacher Artur Pawlowski. The Calgary pastor gained notoriety earlier this year for speaking out against lockdown measures that targeted places of worship.

Pawlowski grew up behind the Iron Curtain in Poland and compares the closures to measures taken by a communist regime, Law Officer reported.

After Saturday’s event was made public, Portland Antifa groups and activists on Twitter staged direct action.

“Welcome to Portland, you won’t like it here pastor,” Portland Antifa member Melissa Lewis tweeted.

Alarming video from the scene on Saturday showed dozens of armed Antifa members in black bloc and riot gear moving aggressively to physically confront attendees. One of the Antifa antagonists doused an attendee with an unidentified gaseous substance, suspected to be pepper spray. The congregation withdrew in an attempt to defuse and avoid injury.

“Where is your God now?” an Antifa attacker can be heard screaming. After dismantling the audio system, activists threw pieces into the nearby river, PM reported.

“All cops are B*******, in the name of Jesus,” a man’s voice said during the melee, Fox News reported.

A woman can be seen panicking as she and her fellow parishioners back away to avoid further altercations.

“They threw a flash bomb at a group of children,” said a participant who spoke to a videographer at the scene as the injured were treated. An Antifa account on Twitter later posted that they stole food and water from Christian attendees.

Fox reported that police did not intervene in the confrontation except to blow a horn.

Antifa members have recently engaged in a series of attacks on Christian churches in Portland.

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