After the Heart of God announces the Fall Bible Study


After God’s Heart, a community Bible study for women, alternates between the Old Testament and the New Testament each year.

“After God’s Heart is not affiliated with any particular church. AGH nurtures leaders and encourages women to serve in their own churches and communities,” said member Barbara Rohland.

This year’s study focuses on two books of wisdom, Job and Ecclesiastes. Job was a righteous man who suddenly lost everything, including his health. Job learned all about painful sufferings and disasters.

He never knew that God had allowed Satan to test him. In the end, Job relied only on the goodness of God and the hope of his redemption. God has confirmed this confidence which is the message of this book.

All who suffer should approach God and trust in His abundant blessings. We will also learn that sometimes silence is golden. Job’s friends were like that saying, “with friends like that, who needs enemies?” From their mistakes, we will learn to become a better friend to those who are suffering through no fault of their own, as we stand ready, with hope in the Lord.

Ecclesiastes is for anyone who will listen and benefit, not so much from Solomon’s experiences, but from what he learned from them. He will teach us to fear God, accepting each day, by faith, as a gift from Him.

The attributes of God are clearly visible in these two books as he reveals himself to us,

help us to know him better.

After Gods Heart is led by women from various churches who believe it is a blessing for them to come together “in one accord” to study the infallible Word of God. This women’s Bible study has been an ongoing study in the community for 31 years, Rohland said.

“We encourage old and new members to join us in worship, fellowship and Bible study,” she said. “Any of you who are at risk due to age and/or medical conditions may choose to do our study remotely.”

Those interested in remote study can contact Rohland at 208-290-3729.

After God’s Heart meets Wednesdays, 9-11 a.m., at North Summit Church, 201 N. Division. The group meets in the old south building. Participants must enter through the Division front.

The group takes a break between Thanksgiving and New Years, with this study slated to wrap up in May. There is free daycare for children from birth to kindergarten. The cost of materials for the year is $15, but scholarships are available.

The After Gods Heart website with more information is at or “like them” on Facebook at


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