6 fun projects to do with your Bible study group


The main purpose of a Bible study is to get to know God better by spending time in his word. However, Bible studies are also a perfect opportunity to build community and add responsibility to your life. Spending time with other believers is uplifting, inspiring, and invigorating.

Adding projects to your Bible study will help members bond with each other and form deeper friendships. Projects are also opportunities for your group to serve the community and gain new perspectives on Bible truth.

Here are six fun projects you can do with your Bible study group to deepen your friendships and learn more about God.

1. Cultivate seedlings

Many stories and parables in the Bible are based on agricultural themes. To make this aspect of Bible cultivation real for your study group, you can plan a spring or summer gardening project. Possibilities for this project include planting window boxes, creating herb pots, or helping an elderly neighbor create a garden.

Pair this project with a study of the story of Ruth or the parable of Jesus’ sower. You could also discuss Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 3 that spiritual growth comes from God. In fact, handling and planting seeds will bring these stories to life for your study group.

2. Bake bread

Although today people are running to the store to buy bread, this is a relatively new development. In the Bible, bread is a recurring theme and symbolizes life. In John 6, Jesus refers to an Old Testament story about the Israelites receiving bread from God in the desert. It is called “the bread of life”.

You can associate this project with many different scriptures. For example, you could bake unleavened bread (bread without yeast) and talk about how leaven was used to represent sin in the Old Testament. You can also discuss the biblical mandate for hospitality and sharing resources with others.

3. Pick up trash

In Genesis, God describes the creation of the Earth and calls it good. Then, he gives humanity the responsibility to care for the Earth and all the wildlife on it. The scriptures teach that the fall inherently damaged what the world was meant to be. However, people still have the privilege and the responsibility to take care of it.

After reading this passage, take your group outside and pick up trash in a local neighborhood or park. By spending time outdoors together, you can remember the beautiful world God has created and talk about ways to better care for it personally.

4. Paint a house

Another way to serve your community is to offer to paint for an elderly neighbor or church friend. Get your group together and plan a paint day to fix a chipped fence, freshen up someone’s faded siding or whitewash an old barn. It’s a fun project that also increases the value of the house.

Working on a house is a perfect opportunity to talk about Jesus’ parable of wise and foolish builders. Ask your study group what their life is built on and how they know it. There are also many Old Testament scriptures that you can refer to that speak of Jesus as the cornerstone.

5. Host a fundraiser

If you think your group is ready to tackle a larger project, consider planning a fundraiser. The Bible reveals that God cares deeply for people who are oppressed, neglected, and abused. Make it your goal to raise money for a foundation that cares for orphans, refugees, and others in need.

Talk to your group about the biblical principles behind this project, then think about what kind of fundraiser you would like to start. Options include holding a bake sale, hosting a car wash, or planning an elaborate dinner and dance event. The best choice for your group will depend on location, time of year, and personal preference.

6. Plan a road trip

To quickly build deep bonds with your group, get in the car and head together to a faraway destination. You can plan a road trip to visit the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC or visit the reconstruction of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. Alternatively, go climb a mountain and experience God’s creation.

Extended time stuck together in a car is a perfect opportunity to ask deep questions, talk about what you’re learning, and create hilarious memories. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss some of the fruits of the Spirit – like patience!

Become doers of the word

In James 1, the Bible talks about the importance of acting on what God says and not just thinking about it. By incorporating group projects into your study, you can lead your group to listen to and obey God’s instructions about how Christians are supposed to live.

Projects are also a great way to bring Old Testament stories to life and help your group examine Scripture on a deep, personal level. Whatever projects you decide to do, you will also have fun and bond as a community. Use these six projects to deepen your Bible study.


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