5 fun and productive activities to try with your Bible study group



Are you tired of planning the same old activities for your Bible study group? Maybe you are stuck in a rut and need some new ideas to spark members’ interest and spread the love of Christ.

Well, look no further. This article is full of faith-filled projects for people of all ages. Whether you teach Sunday School or an adult study group, everyone is sure to have fun and build their faith in the process.

1. Go sing together

Christmas is almost here, which means there’s no better time than the present to pull out songbooks and go singing. Share the joy of Christ’s birth and spread the holiday cheer with classic hymns like Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels and Deck the Halls. You can even sing some contemporary songs from Josh Groban and Carrie Underwood.

Stick to a repertoire of 10 songs and sing one or two in each house you visit. You can even invite the family to church if they are enjoying your performance. As long as everyone knows the lyrics and can at least match the key, you will have a wonderful time.

2. Make a wall of gratitude

Psalm 118: 24 reminds Christ’s followers that “this is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be happy in this. What better way to celebrate God’s blessings in your life than by making a wall of gratitude?

In the place of keep your words in a journal, write your thanksgiving on sticky notes and post them for everyone to see. Invite other group members to join in and add their own blessings to the wall. In a few months, you will have dozens, if not hundreds, of reminders celebrating the goodness of God. Encourage fellow believers to create their own walls at home so their families can participate.

3. Clean up a friend’s house

The most famous verse from Leviticus might be the command “love your neighbor as yourself.” This deceptively simple call is often more difficult than it looks. Fortunately, the holidays provide many opportunities to love those around you.

A great way to share the love of Christ and to practice the Golden Rule is to clean someone’s house. Perhaps an elderly church member or someone in your own Bible study group might need a few helping hands. Provide a quick cleaning by decluttering cupboardssweeping the floors dust the nooks and crannies and wipe down hard surfaces. Working together will save you a lot of time so that you can still enjoy your study after the house is clean and tidy.

4. Make seamless blankets

Does your group enjoy arts and crafts? Make a few seamless blankets. This project is fun for all ages and very easy to master. All you need is a few large pieces of fleece, scissors and half an hour of free time. Have everyone choose their favorite model to collect the materials and prepare them for Bible study night.

Depending on the number of members you have, your Bible study could make a dozen or more covers in a single night. All you have to do is tie the fringes together and you’re done! You have a cozy blanket to wrap yourself in. Donate your creations to a local hospital, homeless shelter or community center to bless someone else this Christmas.

5. Distribute the care kits

If you’re not the crafty type, put together a few healing packages instead. Make shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, collect toiletries for your local food bank, or send a few packages overseas to support the troops. If you are donating to people or organizations in the area, be sure to include an invitation to church or a small flyer explaining how much God loves them.

Turn this vacation-inspired idea into a weekly or monthly activity to support missionaries, first responders, people with disabilities, minority populations, and anyone else who may need encouragement and care. Ask group members for ideas and get involved in your community by distributing God’s love year round.

Combine faith and pleasure

Whether your Bible study group is filled with Gen Z or teeming with Baby Boomers, they will certainly enjoy participating in these productive activities. Not only are they fun, but they are also useful to the community. Most importantly, they share the good news of Christ and deepen your own faith in the process.



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