The ten most beautiful sayings on baptism

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I will bless you and be a blessing (Gen 12,2)

God speaks this sentence to Abraham at an important station of his life. He wants Abraham to set out, leave his homeland and move to another country, which he will show him. It takes a lot of courage. God promises Abraham his blessing and protection on this journey. Connected with this is the wish that Abraham himself may become a blessing to others. It is precisely this blessing of God that is attributed to the baptism in this baptismal message. May every baptized person feel strengthened and protected by God. Nice if it succeeds when a person is so strengthened and blessing for others.

From behind and from the front you have enclosed me, have put your hand on me (Ps 139,5)

Here, the prayer of the psalm reveals a strong testimony of his faith. God’s closeness is like a gift for him. The worshiper finds so deep security with him. Because God holds him, the worshiper promises to belong to him completely. A promise that not only contains a firm promise, but also concludes a new covenant. Every baptized person is to be wished that he may experience this bond with God and his nearness especially. Baptism, too, wants to work like a firm bond between God and the people, which, like a mutual promise of trust, lasts a lifetime.

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For he commands his angels to guard you in all your ways (Ps 91: 11-12)

The Psalmist describes God as a tender Father caring for His creatures. What an encouraging promise! The psalm verse states: ” For he commands his angels to guard you in all your ways, and they carry you on your hands, so that your foot does not bump against a stone.” God puts helpers on the side who help him As parents, one can only protect the children entrusted to him in a limited way, despite the greatest effort and care, unhappiness and suffering occur over the years, so how comforting is this promise that every person is under the care of God and his own Similarly, Psalm 121 also expresses it in verse 7: “The Lord protect you from all evil, he protects your life.” So guarded and secure may be the step into the new life as a Christian.

He does not let your foot waver; your guardian does not slumber in (Ps 121: 3)

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God is described in this psalm verse as a watchful guardian who watches over his creatures and never turns a blind eye. A comforting promise that every person is born of God. Another passage in the Bible even says, ” God bestows me with strength and teaches me the right way.” (2 Sam 22:33) Here, the worshiper trusts that God not only gives power, but also a compass provides guidance in baptism, God’s blessing is awarded to people in a special way May feel every baptized that God is a good companion in all ways of life expression of true joy of life and energy is also found in 2 Sam 22,30:… ” With my God, I skip walls. “ Baptism may be like a leap into a new life as a Christian for the baptized person.

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Through baptism, 160,000 children are admitted annually to the Catholic Church. “Catholic for Beginners” explains the sacrament of baptism and its meaning in faith.

You put my feet in wide space 

The Psalmist in this verse expresses a strong trust in God. God gives him breadth and greatness. Maybe that means a vastness in thinking, acting and in feeling. In any case, from this verse sounds great life courage. After all, baptism is like a departure into a new life with Jesus Christ from the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, in another passage in Psalm 22:37, the worshiper thanked God for this: “You created space for my steps, my ankles did not waver,” or in 2 Samuel 22:20, “He led me out into the distance . It becomes clear: faith gives momentum to the life of a Christian. Yet, parents often look with concern at their newborn child and wonder if it will find a good way through life. Even those who are baptized in adulthood, ask about his future life. If the questions of a good and proper life are particularly important, you will find a good baptismal message that will encourage the baptized person to trust God’s promise and go his own way.

Do not be afraid, because I raised you, I called you by name, you are mine! (Isa 43,1)

The Song of the Servant Isaiah speaks a deep trust in God. The worshiper feels secure in God’s hand. Similarly, a verse elsewhere in the Bible in Joshua 1: 9, “Fear not and fear, for the Lord your God is with you everywhere you go,” or the evangelist , is similarly encouraging Mark 6:50 ” Jesus Christ saith, Have faith, it is I, fear not!” What a strong image for the love of God the Father for his children, where the worshiper is asked to trust God completely and to be free Because of the fear of being lost, because God has raised the worshiper, reference is made here to the redemption of Israel from the Babylonian exile, and even in Isaiah 43: 4 it is said, “Because in my eyes you are dear and because I value you, and because I love you, I give people for you and for your life whole peoples. “ The addressed Thou implies the people of Israel, complemented by the promise of God to call each one by his name once becomes god s promise in Isaiah 43.5 highlighted: “Fear not, for I am with you!” What a kindest picture of the nearness of God. In baptism Christians celebrate the unconditional yes of God to the people. Before God, every human being has a name that makes one and only incomparable. The baptized person is to be wished that he can feel this unconditional acceptance with God quite concretely in the great faith family of the church.

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Presentation of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist. Then a voice from heaven says, “You are my beloved Son, I have pleased you.”

I will never forget you. Look, I have drawn you in my hands (Isa. 49: 15-16).

Every human being is created by God. This confidence is expressed in the word of the prophet Isaiah. God promises that every person is special because he has written it in his hands. This expresses that every single person with his strengths and weaknesses, with his very own personality, is a desired and beloved child of God. This is a beautiful term for the gift of the love of God in a newborn child, an encouraging affirmation to each baptized person, and a strong testimony to the dignity of each individual. Similarly encouraging is the promise of God from the words in Joshua 1: 5-6, in which he strengthens Moses’ successor in capturing the land of Israel with the following words: “I will not let you fall and do not abandon you, be courageous and strong! “

You are my beloved son, I have found pleasure in you (Mark 1:11)

This is the statement Jesus receives at his baptism at the Jordan by John. When Jesus climbs out of the water after being baptized, he sees Heaven open and a dove descend upon Him, and a voice addresses Him as the beloved Son of God. Thus the baptism of Jesus is sealed by the action of the Holy Spirit. Christians too become anointed through holy baptism. The Catechism of the Catholic Church also makes this clear: “The newly baptized has become a Christian, that is, anointed by the Holy Spirit, incorporated into Christ, anointed priest, prophet, and king . Christians believe that God is the one Also, every baptism is promised to feel God’s love and God’s yes to the people in every situation of life by the promise: “You are my beloved son, my beloved daughter”.

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For God has not given us a spirit of despondency, but the Spirit of power, love, and prudence. (2 Tim 1: 7)

Timothy was an important person in the early church and was to carry the message of Jesus Christ in the churches. However, like the Apostle Paul, he suffers persecution and imprisonment. In this terrible situation he is, so to speak, encouraged by the letter from outside. Paul asks him to remember his talents and gifts even in a difficult situation and to remain true to his mission. Therefore, Paul also encourages him to remember that he did not receive a fearful spirit, but a spirit that should radiate power, love, and prudence. Who chooses this baptismal praise for his child expresses his own confidence that faith in God also strengthens in desperate situations in a special way.

Rejoice in the hope, be patient in distress, persevere in prayer! (Rom 12:12)

This verse is taken from the letter of the Apostle Paul to the church in Rome. In it, Paul tells his congregation how he concretely imagines the life of faith. For him it is important that the faith remains alive to be experienced and experienced. He therefore recommends that the addressee of the letter be hopeful, patient in difficult situations, and persistent in prayer. Those who choose this baptismal preaching trust the baptismal hope that is a strong foundation for a life of faith.