Holy Week 2017: The 10 cheapest European destinations

Holy Week 2017

Holy Week 2017: The 10 cheapest European destinations

This Holy Week 2017 we have proposed to give you a joy by telling you how it is possible to travel without making a hole in our savings. We show you which are the ten cheapest European destinations to visit according to the recent publication of Trivago, one of the favorite online search engines for travelers who, like us, take care of our economy.

In this sense, the main European destinations for this Holy Week 2017 are in the eastern area, specifically, there are countries that have two destinations among the cheapest: Hungary and Turkey. They are the following:

  • Mostar (in Bosnia and Herzegovina): it is the European city with the best value for money . In addition, its deployment and hotel level is the best reputed in the networks.
  • Novi Sad (Serbia): Eastern Europe has the podium in cities whose beauty is directly proportional to the cost of tourist life .
  • Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria): It has as a claim in addition to its beauty that offers accommodation from 36 euros.
  • Suzdal (Russia): It is a city that has more than 33 churches to visit and is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1992.
  • Lviv (Ukraine): It is a beautiful city unknown to most travelers. Its rich architecture and historic center are striking. Ideal destination if you like long walks outdoors.
  • Eger (Hungary): In addition to the quality-price ratio, the mix of Romanesque and Ottoman architecture is striking . Among them are: the Basilica of San Juan Apóstol and the Turkish Minaret. However, the fame is given by its delicious wines of world fame.
  • Oradea (Romania): it is the ideal city for fans of Baroque architecture . The city was projected in the mid-eighteenth century by Anton Hillenbrandt. It is also the headquarters (unofficial) of students of ‘Erasmus’ from all over Europe who choose it as a destination for their internships.
  • Pécs (Hungary): the country repeats as a preferred destination for the most demanding pockets thanks to one of its five largest cities, which is also home to the fifth oldest university in Europe .
  • Safranbolu (Turkey) : Turkey is another country that repeats. Thanks to the large number of monuments and architecture that it conserves from the time of the Ottoman Empire, it is a World Heritage Site since 1994.
  • Sibiu (Romania): it is worth visiting this amazing country and visiting some of its cities, several of which are among the cheapest to visit. Sibiu will envelop us with its perfectly preserved medieval city which, as expected, is also a World Heritage Site .

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