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As a rule, third-grade Communion children are contacted by the parishes in the fall. The parents then register their child in the parish office for First Communion. For this, the child’s family book or christening certificate must be presented. In the parish office, the parents then also learn the appointment. Incidentally, it can vary from year to year. Since it is advisable to ask before signing up. If you want to party in a restaurant, you should know that these are often booked well in advance. The same applies to rooms rented by clubs or parishes.

First considerations

Who should be invited? In general, of course, the grandparents and godparents, the siblings of the parents and their children. Whether in addition aunts and uncles of the parents as well as friends are invited, decides not only the family budget, but also depends on the spatial possibilities. Who celebrates at home, should think carefully how many guests can be accommodated. Basically, the sooner you plan everything down to the smallest detail, the better – preferably half a year before the festival. This includes the consideration of whether overnight accommodation for long-distance travelers must be created.


When the list of guests arrives, look for a nice theme with your child that can be used on invitation cards, place cards, menu cards, and as table decorations. A popular Christian symbol for first communion is, for example, the fish. He was the secret sign of the first Christians, where they recognized each other. For it was dangerous in the first centuries after Christ’s birth to confess Christ as a Christian in the Roman Empire. Christians were persecuted because they did not recognize the emperor as God. The first letters of the word “fish” in Greek gave the following words: “Jesus Christ the Son of God the Redeemer”. Children always find such stories exciting.

When choosing papers and envelopes for invitation cards, it’s best to look around in a well-stocked stationery and craft supplies store. The fish motif fits well with a card made of dark blue cardboard. Stick a wide strip of light blue corrugated cardboard lengthwise onto the card. Then cut out of glitter cardboard in different shades of blue fish and stick them on the corrugated strips. You can copy the invitation text and paste it on the back of the card.

In the same way, small table cards and possibly menu cards are produced – this time in exactly the opposite color: light blue card, dark blue stripes with fish.

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table decoration

The fish can also be used as a table decoration. Simply lay a table ribbon from one end of the table to the other in light blue organza and decorate with corrugated fish in different shades of blue. Pretty blue nuggets and a few shells look like fish. The communion candle belongs in the middle of the table. The place of your child is specially decorated, eg. with a flower tendril that goes with the blue of the fish.


Communion candles are often designed in the children’s group itself. If not, you could use the theme of your table decoration, such as the fish, here as well. When buying the candle, pay attention to quality. Good candles are made of high quality raw materials and burn slowly and evenly, without tearing. In stores for craft supplies you get wax plates and wax elements for decoration. You can also use candle paints. Let’s explain everything exactly. It is nice when several parents go to work together.

Communion dress and suit

Communion clothing does not have to be expensive. Some parishes and kindergartens regularly offer communion clothing flea markets. A visit is definitely worth it. Ask in advance at your community. Some have now bought white cowls that all Communion children wear over their normal clothes that day. When you buy new clothes, you should take into consideration the wishes of your child. The clothes should be festive but fit the child.

For girls

A simple white dress is more appropriate than a mini bridal gown in lace and tulle. Your daughter must be able to move well in it. White shoes are included, as well as a white pantyhose. Very pretty is a wreath of myrtle, in which some gypsophila is put. An alternative for girls with long hair: plait a plait and stuck around the head as a wreath, put some myrtle in the hair wreath.

For boys

It does not have to be the black or blue suit, a light gray also looks very festive. Also a black trousers with a gray blazer goes well with a white shirt with bow tie or tie. Of course, the shirt, if your son likes that better, may also be worn with an open collar – without a bow tie or tie. A must are dark shoes – but please no sneakers.

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On the occasion of White Sunday, Brother Paul declares the importance of First Communion and why a candle is lit at the celebration of first communion.

Who is going to tackle?

When you celebrate at home, you need help – cooking, baking, serving, clearing, rinsing. Often it speaks in the residential district, who has made good experiences with what help. Since good brownies are often very sought after and quickly sold out, you should reach out at the right time to get the feelers.

What’s for dinner?

The menu is a mix between ordering and do it yourself recommended. Example: starter and dessert are prepared, the main course along with the associated hot plates and containers at a party service, restaurant or butcher ordered and delivered. Also for the afternoon coffee applies: The festive communion cake supplies the pastry chef, the remaining cakes bake friends and relatives.

Plan like a pro

List what you need to think about when planning the celebration at home: Are there enough chairs, tables, and tablecloths? A tip: buy fabric by the meter, cut to size as tablecloths and skirt. A job that you will be happy to pick up from a close relative or friend, if sewing is not your thing. Alternatively, white sheets, which are simply converted to a tablecloth, are also suitable. Which and how many napkins are needed – for the menu, for the coffee table, for a possible evening snack? Are there enough warming cans for coffee and tea? If not, borrow some from relatives and friends. A tip: Stick under the borrowed items nametag. Check dishes, cutlery, glasses, tea towels: Is there enough of everything? Write a shopping list on time and go through it with friends who have experience with celebrations. Leave the list clearly visible in the kitchen. Then you can immediately make a note of what you think of spontaneously. Review the ingredients for food, coffee or drinks more often. Did you really think of everything?